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50 Valentine’s gift ideas that won’t break the budget

By Lauren Christian - Jan 29th, 2023
Blog Feature Image - 50 Valentine’s gift ideas that won’t break the budget

We love to celebrate cupid’s special day. At Perfect Gifting, we want to make sure that couples around the world are crushing the gifting experience on the 14th of February. We acknowledge that there is often a lot of pressure around this particular date. There will be comparison, there will be plenty of Instagram stories, and we want to help you make it a special day.

Valentine’s Day is often labelled as just another capitalist holiday, but we see it as a celebration of love, of intimacy and of relationships. There are certain companies that try to exploit the day, like fancy restaurants and florists. If you’re looking to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your partner and you’re looking for simple gifts, then you’ve found the right article.

We’ve compiled a list of 50 gifts that you can share with your partner to make this Valentine’s Day a little more special. We’ve also ensured these gifts are on the fiscally friendly side too, because we don’t want you to be caught up in the concept that a greater spend equates to greater love. We’ve split the gifts into the following categories.

Personlised Gifts

Romantic book of poetry
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The personalised gifts start this list because we want to help you celebrate what makes your relationship special, the ins and outs of it, the happy memories, the inside jokes, and more! Choosing something from this list will require some creativity but will really earn you brownie points from your partner’s sentimental side.

1. Secret Notes
2. Repeat your first date
3. Couple Photo Montage
4. Love Letters
5. What I love about you book
6. Make them a mixtape
7. Writing a Poem or Song

Dates as a Gift

Romantic sunset date
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There is always the classic Valentine’s Date, you get dressed up and you head to a really expensive restaurant, and then maybe to a luxury hotel that you spent 3x the normal price for. Don’t be fooled into having to do that, there are plenty of other options below where you can still make for an enlightening, interesting or loving date. Variety is the spice of life after all.

8. DIY Wine Tasting
9. Concert Tickets
10. Go to a Museum
11. Candle lit Dinner
12. Couple’s Massage
13. Thrift shopping date
14. Movie Night
15. Picnic


Couple bike riding
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Activity dates are certainly taking the world by storm. We’ve seen the massive rise in putt putt, escape rooms, painting classes and the list goes on. At Perfect Gifting, we know that when our partner is passionate about something, we want to support and nurture that passion. For the ideas below, we want you to share a new experience or a favourite experience with each other that will be memorable, you might even burn off some calories from all the chocolate!

16. Scavenger Hunt
17. Photoshoot
18. Board Games
19. Hike
20.Tandem Bike Ride
21. Volunteering
22. Ice Skating
23. Dancing Class
24. Road Trip
25. Adult Colour Books
26. Puzzles


Breakfast in bed
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A simple gesture goes a long way. The thought to make an effort for someone should never be understated. We recommend that you try to do these sorts of things outside Valentine’s Day, but if you’re looking for an easy way to recognise their role in your life, and the love you share, the ideas below will help.

27. Couple’s Bubble Bath
28. Breakfast in Bed
29. Home Cooked Meal
30. Making them their favourite cocktail

Small Gifts

It's you, it's always been
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This category easily made up the most elements of this list. We wanted to offer some unconventional gift ideas for this Valentine’s Day. There are some obvious classics, but we took an approach to this gifting list that these small presents could offer an opportunity for joy, for relaxation, and for self-care. These won’t break the bank either, they’re little life luxuries that will be a constant reminder that you value their quality of life.

31. Candy
32. Pre-ordered Flowers
33. Gift basket/hamper
34. Name & Date Print
35. Minimalist Jewellery
36. Comfy Pyjamas
37. Essential Oils
38. Candles
39. Affirmation Cards
40. Horoscope Reading
41. House Plant
42. Aromatherapy Wheat Bags
43. Chocolates
44. Custom Wristband
45. Slippers
46. Comfy/Oodie
47. Journal
48. Novel
49. Name a Star after them
50. Eye Mask

If you’re still stuck with what to buy, there is one final option. The Preferences section. Go onto your partner’s Perfect Gifting and use their preferences to plan a date, organise an experience, or to just satisfy their desires or specific tastes. If you’ve got set up your profile, or your partner hasn’t either, head to this page!

With Perfect Gifting, you’ll be arming yourself with the tools to become a perfect gifter. You’ll be ahead of the game, prepared for events with the right gift ready to wow the people closest to you!

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