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Announcing: New features on Perfect Gifting

By Lauren Christian - Jan 1st, 2023
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You asked, we listened! We're excited to announce new features on the Perfect Gifting platform. You can now officially set and manage custom permissions for each of your gift Wishlists on the Perfect Gifitng platform. Making gifting for every event even easier.

What is a Wishlist?

Before we dive into the permissions, first a quick recap on the Wishlist feature.

The Wishlist is a feature on the Perfect Gifting platform to help you curate a list of the gifts you want to be given. More importantly, it helps your entire network, as they are able to see this list and quickly reserve and buy you the exact gift that you want.

You can create your Wishlist today by signing up (or sign in) to Perfect Gifting, and you can download our new app on the Apple App or Google Play Store!

Benefits of the Wishlist?

The Wishlist is here to benefit the individual Perfect Gifting user, and is incredibly useful for the user's network too!

First and foremost, the Wishlist acts as a repository for your gifting desires, you don’t need to worry about trying to remember what you want. You now have a place on your phone or desktop to go to and input everything that you’d like to have bought for yourself.

It is often quite challenging to answer the question:

“What do you want for your birthday?”

Or any other gifting event.

Because you’ve been caught off guard, and you have the entire selection of all things to choose from. We understand that ideas and desires can come to you anytime, and the Wishlist is here to be the net to catch all those thoughts.

The Wishlist feature is most beneficial to the network you’re connected to on the Perfect Gifting platform.

Often people struggle with gifting because they want to share a joyful moment with someone and give them something they’ll enjoy to recognize and acknowledge the relationship they’ve created. The Wishlist allows your network to see everything that you want to have bought for yourself. They can go onto your profile, see your selection of gifts (normally a host of things at different prices) and reserve it instantly.

Christmas Friends 2022 Wishlist on Perfect Gifting

Everybody wins! Gifting has been made easier, and you’re guaranteed to love the gift that you chose for yourself!

So, take the stress out of gifting, venture onto the Perfect Gifting platform and start creating your own Wishlists! If you want more information on the Perfect Gifting Wishlist feature, check out the 6 different Wishlists you can create here.

Wishlist Permissions (New Feature on Perfect Gifting)

The Wishlist Permissions is our newest addition to the Wishlist feature on Perfect Gifting and gives you more control. The access and visibility of your Wishlist is something that our users were interested in exploring. We heard you!

The Permissions are split into three potential options (as seen in the screenshot below).

  • Private
  • Public
  • Restricted
Managing Wishlist permissions on Perfect Gifting


The Private Wishlists are here for your eyes only. We understand that you may want to curate and create a large Wishlist. You can use the Private permission to help hide the Wishlist from prying eyes before it’s ready to be revealed.

The Private permission can be used for your own personal Wishlist, things that you’d only want to get for yourself, or for things you don’t want anyone to see that you require. You may not want to share items that show your inner fangirl/boy side. It’s just for you. It could even be for self-care, or reward items you deserve!

Some of our Perfect Gifters are even using Private Wishlists as a way to manage gift lists for family and friends not yet on the platform (crazy, we know!).


Public Wishlists are the simplest to understand, as they have the most visibility and are represented by the globe symbol. Anyone in your network can see your public Wishlists. We recommend that this permission is applied to your general Wishlists, with gifts that you’d be happy with everyone in your network seeing. If you’ve got a more risque item, or these are items that you’d want to get yourself, don’t run the risk of anyone in your network seeing them.


The Restricted Permission lets only the right people in to see a specific Wishlist. There are a few reasons why you’d want to restrict access to a particular set of people for a Wishlist.

The first is for a particular connection/relationship/person that you want to buy you particular things. As people have a wide variety of things they connect over, and intimacy is often very safeguarded, you may not want to share everything you want your partner or best friend to buy you. It would be best if you were buzzing with excitement, not buzzing with stress about these sorts of gifts.

Or maybe you have an event where only certain people are invited, like a Baby Shower or Wedding. You can restrict your Wishlist to only those people invigted being able to see what is on your Wishlist.

My Wishlists on Perfect Gifting

Final Thoughts

The Wishlist is here to make your life easier. We want the Wishlist to help you, with your self-gifting, with your gifting for those closest to you, and for everyone to gift for you too. We acknowledge that within the best gifts there exists the deepest and strongest connections.

Create your Wishlist to see the best from our platform, and help those around you build those deeper connections.

We are excited about this new feature and we can’t wait to see how you use it to make gifting even easier than ever before (and less stressful).

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