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Christmas Wrapping Ideas for your Perfect Gifts

By Lauren Christian - Dec 20th, 2022
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Wrapping gifts can be a fun and creative way to add a personal touch to your presents. Not only does it make the gift look more attractive, but it also adds an element of surprise and excitement for the recipient.

The wrapping is the final touch you add to your perfect gift that you’ve sourced from someone’s Wishlist or Preferences section. If you are just guessing what to get someone, you need to signup to Perfect Gifting. The Perfect Gifting platform is here to erase all your gifting worries by ensuring you always have the exact and ideal gift for each person in your life.

There are many different ways to wrap a gift, and the method you choose will depend on the shape and size of the gift, as well as your personal style and preferences. We've compiled our top tips for wrapping methods below.

Traditional wrapping
This is the most common way to wrap gifts, and it involves wrapping paper, scissors, tape, and a pair of scissors. First, lay the gift on the wrapping paper and cut out a piece that is large enough to cover the entire gift. Next, fold the edges of the paper over the sides of the gift and secure them with tape. Finally, add a bow or ribbon to the top of the gift for an added touch of elegance. It’s a classic, and you’ll be able to find wrapping paper and the requisite tools at most supermarkets and shopping centres.

Traditional gift wrapping

A fancy design that you can try for your gift wrapping this Christmas is the Cross Fold technique:

Gift bags
Gift bags are a convenient and easy way to wrap gifts, especially for oddly shaped items or gifts that are difficult to wrap with traditional wrapping paper. Simply place the gift inside the bag, add tissue paper or other decorative accents, and finish off with a ribbon or bow. This is often a classic for guys who may not be the most adept with their wrapping fingers, but it still denotes they want to create the intrigue of a wrapped present.

A collection of gift bags

If you have a gift that is a perfect fit for a box, then this is a great option. You can use a store-bought gift box or create your own by cutting and folding cardboard into the desired shape. Once the box is ready, line it with tissue paper or other decorative accents, and then place the gift inside.

There is often an ability to prank someone with a box for gifting, as sometimes parents or siblings can use an empty box of quite an expensive or lauded purchase to build up hype for a gift. For example, a PS5 box, often the gift is still around, just hidden!


Fabric is a unique and eco-friendly option for wrapping gifts. You can use a scarf, a piece of fabric, or even a shirt that you no longer wear. Simply place the gift in the centre of the fabric, gather the edges together, and tie them with a ribbon or string. This method is perfect for gifts that are small and easy to wrap. It’s an excellent way to recycle and ensure that you’re not contributing to plenty of rubbish created around Christmas time.

Or you can even use one gift to wrap another! See below.

Beeswax wrap is a reusable alternative to plastic wrap. You can use it to cover bowls, or to wrap up cheese, sandwiches, fruit pieces, and more. Using it to wrap a present would mean a thoughtful extra gift for that eco-friendly person in your life! This would likely be something included in someone’s preferences, therefore ensuring not only the gift that they want, but the gifting experience!

Beeswax wrapping paper

If you’re one who dabbles in DIY, then you might try to be a little crafty this year! If you need some inspiration, we’ve got just the thing.

Final Thoughts
At Perfect Gifting, we are all about what is underneath the wrapping paper in creating a deeper connection with someone close to you through gifting. With Christmas only a week away, we wanted to help out our gifters with some inspiration for the beautiful gifts they’ve secured.

The wrapping is the final effort to ensure that the gift has been considered, organised, and purchased. The gift is still the centrepiece, but like the cherry on top of a sundae, it brings with it the finished look.

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