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Creating a Christmas Wishlist on the Perfect Gifting app

By Lauren Christian - Oct 18th, 2022
Blog Feature Image - Creating a Christmas Wishlist on the Perfect Gifting app

Christmas is coming. You may think everyone has plenty of time to get organised and ready for the gifts they need to get for their family and friends, and especially you, but November will race by. The first two weeks of December will be even faster. Time will be up, and the dreaded Christmas Eve shopping may be the fate of some of those you hold dear.

At Perfect Gifting, we wanted to ensure that you were on top of things. We want to help you organise your Wishlist in the new, improved app interface!

By having this all prepped and ready, your Christmas gifts will be bought and sorted before December even starts. With our link feature in our Wishlists, your network will be able to complete their purchase in seconds!

So let’s get you started on your journey towards the best Christmas presents of your life!

How to Build your Wishlist on the Perfect Gifting App:

  1. Download the app
    Head to the App Store or Google Play Store and search for Perfect Gifting. Then download! You can get more instructions, see below!
  1. Sign in or Sign up to the Perfect Gifting platform
    If you’re new, sign up to a Perfect Gifting account in a matter of seconds, we just need your email. If you’re already part of the pack just enter your email and password.
Sign in or Sign up on the Perfect Gifting app
Sign in or Sign up on the Perfect Gifting app
  1. Create your Wishlist
    Press on the + symbol in the top right corner to create a new Wishlist or the button in the centre of your screen.
My Wishlists on the Perfect Gifting app
My Wishlists on the Perfect Gifting app
  1. Give your Wishlist a name
    You will want to keep your Wishlists easy to access, understand and use. By naming your Wishlist, you can easily allocate the right gifts to the right lists and so can your loved one. Make sure you add an image too, get in the Christmas spirit.
Create a new wishlist on the Perfect Gifting App
Create a new wishlist on the Perfect Gifting App
  1. Add your desired gifts to your Wishlist
    Once you’ve created and named your Wishlist you’re now up to the fun part! You can add items to the Wishlist. You’ll need to fill in all the relevant details for your Wishlist like the name of the item, and the link for where to purchase it.

    When you include a link, this will populate the image section, doing the heavy lifting for you. The link also ensures your network gets the exact item rather than something similar which makes a difference for niche hobbies and interests. If you want some inspiration on what gifts you add, we have some article here that might help:

Your new wishlist on the Perfect Gifting app
Your new wishlist on the Perfect Gifting app
  1. Share your Wishlist with your network
    Once you’ve finalised your Wishlist, you can then share it with everyone in your Perfect Gifting connections. You’ll see it exactly like the screenshot below, and your network will then see your list of gift ideas you want for this Christmas.
Wishlist options on the Perfect Gifting app
Wishlist options on the Perfect Gifting app

We recommend for your Wishlisting that you enter in a plethora of gifts. This is to help everyone in your network buy you a gift, as your partner may have a different budget than a cousin or brother-in-law. You can also fill in your preferences for those who want to choose their own gift for you! Learn more about gift preferences here.

Sub Profiles

Christmas is quite the event. Family is the centrepiece, catching up with all family members, nephews and nieces and more. We understand that the busyness of life means it's difficult to stay up to date with all the details for everyone in your family as far as gifting is concerned, and for them to keep up with you.

The Sub-Profile is here to save you. It allows a parent to control a profile for someone who may not have a phone themselves or the ability to curate their profile. This is most prominently used for children and fur children.

If you need to create a Sub-Profile for a child, pet, or lazy partner, we’ve created an article about it, and how to help set one up.

Once set up, you can follow these steps above to create their Christmas Wishlist! You only need to click on your profile photo in the dashboard for an easy change of profile in-app.

Switching profiles on the Perfect Gifting app
Switching profiles on the Perfect Gifting app

Wishlist Hacks

We knew we should also share some great hacks for using Wishlists, so here are a few favourites:

  • You can turn any previously made Wishlist into a new one
    Given the ability to edit and customise a Wishlist, all you’ll need to do is rename a Wishlist you’ve created into another gift-giving event. For example, you can turn your Birthday Wishlist into Christmas! You’ll save the time importing or copying the gifts from one Wishlist to another (which you can also do).
  • You can copy Wishlist items from someone else’s profile
    Instead of trying to think of something that you’d want yourself, you can surf your network’s wishlists, you’ll be surprised how often you’ll want similar items. With this feature, you have the ability to build your list out even more, helping your network to get you the perfect gift too.
  • You can copy the URL from a website
    Instead of going into the particular wishlist item section and having to enter the name and an image you can now just paste the link. The link will then communicate with Perfect Gifting and it will populate the fields of your wishlist item, scraping an image from the page too.

Final Thoughts

Christmas is coming fast, real fast. It’ll be here before you know it. We recommend that you get to creating your Wishlist now. Once you’ve done that the ball is in the court of your network. You can always offer some friendly reminders that Christmas is coming and you’ve helped them out with your Wishlist! This gives people time to be organised and even manage shipping times and delays.

Happy gifting and Merry Christmas!

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