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Features of Perfect Gifting’s new App!

By Lauren Christian - Oct 10th, 2022
Blog Feature Image - Features of Perfect Gifting’s new App!

The app is now here! Our Perfect Gifting community has been asking for a phone application, and we’ve delivered! The Perfect Gifting app is here to make your entire gifting process even more seamless, and for our features to be even easier to use.

We want the app to help you achieve your gifting efforts as readily as you use your other go-to apps. Perfect Gifting is here, right in your pocket! If you’re not already on the platform, you can signup to Perfect Gifting today.

Firstly, we want to assure you that it is available on both the App Store and Google Play Store. We want all of our Perfect Gifters to be able to access the platform on their mobile devices.


The platform itself has not undergone any massive disruptions. Through a mobile application experience, we’ve been able to make the use of the platform far easier. There are UX, design and phone-based elements that have helped make this a reality.

The core functions of Wishlists, Preferences, and Key Dates are still there, but we’ve helped create a simplistic journey to reaching them. The interface of the app ensures that you’re always one tap or swipe away from completing any action you want to.

See a tour of the App here!

The following features have been added to Perfect Gifting’s new app:

Notifications to your phone

Our gifting efforts are always reliant on the ability to remember and organise the gifting events that we have going on. Within the platform, the Key Dates function has always helped our users to keep on top of their schedule.

With Perfect Gifting now being a mobile app experience, you’ll be able to receive notifications that directly relate to Key Dates you’ve entered in. The notifications will help you with your shopping, your gifting and with avoiding any last minute gifting situations.

The mobile app experience promotes easier organisation as you’ll be able to quickly enter in events that are a little more ad hoc, you won’t need to remember until you’re in front of your computer again.

Profile Switching

Perfect Gifting’s Profile and Sub-Profile was a platform feature that people loved! Not only could people manage their details, and share what they wanted to, they also had the ability to curate on behalf of their children or furry friends.

The Perfect Gifting app has been designed to make the profile switching incredibly easy, all you need to do is:

  1. Click on your profile icon in the top left corner
  2. Click which profile or Sub Profile you want to use
Switching Profile on the Perfect Gifting app
Switching Profile on the Perfect Gifting app

One tap away. Our Navigation bar is designed to help you race through the app and get where you need to be as quickly as possible. The navigation bar is also sticky, ensuring you’ve always got access to it.

Navigation bar on the Perfect Gifting app
Navigation bar on the Perfect Gifting app

Profile Prompts (homescreen)

A completed profile is the best form of your Perfect Gifting profile, and if you do have anything missing, you’ll have prompts in your homescreen to help you get there. We’ve included the example below where in order to complete your profile set up, the user is prompted to finalise their gifting preferences.

Prompts to complete your profile on the Perfect Gifting app
Prompts to complete your profile on the Perfect Gifting app

Connection Suggestions

The network of Perfect Gifting users is vital. Through your connections with different users (your close friends and family) you’re able to see their Wishlists, Preferences, and more. This leads to the core concept of informed gifting that Perfect Gifting believes in wholeheartedly.

We’ve revamped our connections section. When typing in a connection’s username, you’ll be able to find your connection a lot easier. Simply type in the name of the person and all the users with that name will appear, plus your mutual connections.


Swipe function

The app has a brilliant little design shortcut that we know our users will love! For many of the menu items or options within the application, there is the option to swipe to quickly make edits. Instead of multiple clicks and different pages, you’re now one gesture away from making the change you need to!

Swipe left functions on the Perfect Gifting app
Swipe left functions on the Perfect Gifting app

Final Thoughts

The Perfect Gifting app is an incredible step forward for our company. The app means it is easier for our user to create brilliant moments of gifting. The perfect gift is only a few taps of your phone away, rather than being reliant on being at your desktop, or the pinned platform on your phone. The perfect gift will be easier to access. With easier access, this will lead to greater consistency, as gifters will regularly hit the mark with perfect gifts.

The perfect gift creates a deeper connection with those in our lives that we care about, and that is our company mission. Through the act of giving, we wish to strengthen our ties with those close to us. Click here to visit Perfect Gifting on whichever device you are using now: Download the Perfect Gifting App.

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