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Flashback, Perfect Gifting’s 2022

By Lauren Christian - Dec 26th, 2022
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2022 is almost done! What a wild year, and we’ve loved having you as part of this journey. A fair bit has unfolded during 2022 for us and we are glad to share it in this blog post!

Perfect Gifting has had a mission to create richer connections between those closest to them through gifting. The platform allows people to nail the gift they buy every single time through curated Wishlists and an in-depth Preferences section on their connection profiles.

For our users, they’ll never have to ask ‘What do you want?’ for a gift ever again. They’ll know. The platform was inspired by our Co-founder, Lauren, trying to get her nieces and nephews great gifts from Disneyland, unsure of their preferences and sizes, she knew she could find a better way. This led to Perfect Gifting, the social platform to help answer all the questions when it comes to gifting!

Perfect Gifting Unwrapped

So let’s have a look at the year 2022! We want to celebrate all that was Perfect Gifting this year, whether the content we create for you to make you better gifts or the content you’ve created for us, sharing your best moment!

We love it all, and we can’t wait to see what moments we can help you create in 2023! The future is bright and the gifts are perfect!

Perfect Gifting Wrapped


The blog of Perfect Gifting is one of our best resources for equipping our Perfect Gifters, as well as anyone who comes by, with the knowledge they need about gifting. Whether it be about the gifting event itself, different platform hacks and tricks, or just a friendly reminder to ensure you’re organised for all that each of the events entails.

This is because you’re not likely to prepare a Christmas present the same way you prepare for Valentine’s Day!

The top 5 Blogs this year were:

The 30 gifts you don’t want…

We wanted to help you avoid potential gifting faux pas and ensure you’re getting the people you care about the best gifts possible!

The 40 Mother’s Day gift ideas

We love treating our mums, so we wanted to write something unique so that even those without an account can treat their mothers on Mother’s Day.

Perfect Gifts for the Zodiac Signs

It’s written in the stars! We understand that each star sign brings a different personality and a different giftee. We wanted to ensure you were covered in managing a silly Scorpio or a troublesome Taurus.

40+ Creative Gifts for Father’s Day: Ideas for Dads of Any Age

Dads are notoriously hard to buy for, so we wanted to share some easy win ideas that will make any Father’s Day special for your Dad!

The 4 things you can do with gifts you don’t want

This is always bound to happen (when someone isn’t on Perfect Gifting), so we wanted to offer options as to how to best manage a gift that you have zero interest in!

Posts on social media

We love being active on social media because it can give us a direct line to our wonderful customers. We can also share updates, hacks, tips, tricks and more to ensure you’re a Perfect Gifter, and other people will become Perfect Gifters too!

1. Shoutout to @caitlin.bailey for collaborating with us this year and sharing the Perfect Gifting story with more people! We are stoked to see more users coming through and using the platform to enrich their gifting experiences

@caitlin.bailey Instagram profile

2. Wrapping is always that hurdle you often forget about when it comes to gifting, so we created a multi-part series for gift-wrapping items in all shapes and sizes!

@Perfectgiftingeverytime Instagram profile

3. Perfect Gifters are happy gifters! We are always so excited to share the gifting moments throughout the year and the below is one of our favourites, we hope you love it, Ava!

@perfectgiftingeverytime Instagram profile

4. Games make life fun! We wanted to share on our socials something that gave you a new gifting identity, so take a look below and comment on the post about what your Gifting style is!

@perfectgiftingeverytime Instagram profile

5. Education is essential, and we want you to know the latest, most remarkable and most vital information about gifting! We’re always happy to keep you informed and at the top of your gifting game!

@perfectgiftingeverytime Instagram profile

Moment of the Year

Our big moment of 2022 was arriving on the App Store and Google Play Store! We knew there was excitement towards this development, and we were excited to become even easier to use. Perfect Gifting in the palm of your hand!

We wrote up a blog for the launch of the app that you can read!

The Perfect Gifting App - Apple and Android


We hosted two giveaways this year! We’re about treating our users to phenomenal experiences, so we wanted to sweeten that even more! We held a $200 giveaway in March, a giveaway for Perfect Gifting’s birthday in the middle of the year, and then another giveaway for seven weeks leading up to Christmas!

Perfect Gifitng gift giveaways

Research on gifting

We also conducted research to ensure we were creating a platform that people needed, and the results were fascinating!

The research uncovered that a substantial number of Australian respondents (33.2%) firmly believe that through the act of gifting, it was the happiness in the receiver that was the most important factor, not budget or buying what “someone needs.

Additionally, when respondents were asked the question, “what does it mean to you when you give someone a gift/present that they really love?”, over 16% demonstrated the core emotion they felt was “happiness” “happy”, “makes me happy”.

Words from a Perfect Gifter

We love hearing what people say, so we’ve included some customer testimonials and stories from the past year!

User reviews for the Perfect Gifting app

A collection of comments that we’ve received on our Instagram page, and we wanted to share them with you! Maybe it’s an app you might need to download!

App store review for Perfect Gifting

This is one of the biggest hurdles when it comes to gifting, people who are almost impossible to buy for…but no longer! Perfect Gifting is here to ensure that these people can clearly communicate what they want, and you’ll never buy them the wrong gift again!

Perfect Gifters share their perfect Christmas gifts!

The reactions! We love the responses, and seeing the joy that this family experienced drives us to make Perfect Gifting even better. We are part of the journey of bringing joy through gifting, and we can’t wait to see more posts from Chrissy!

Final Thoughts

It’s been an incredible year, and we can’t wait for what is in store in 2023. More gifts to be purchased, more people to discover us, and more moments of joy to be shared worldwide! We wanted to thank you for being on the journey with us, and hope you have a wonderful year too!

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