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How to get organised for Christmas

By Lauren Christian - Dec 5th, 2022
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Christmas is a magical time of the year. Decorations are everywhere, trees are in living rooms, and Christmas songs are echoing around shopping centres. Joy is all around, but stress is lurking around the corner. Plenty needs to be organised, and you’re likely going to be the one who is planning and executing.

So how can you make it easier?

Perfect Gifting is here to help...

Not only is the platform an excellent way to get the best gifts this Christmas, but our platform will also help you organise and manage the other tasks that help create the best experiences. If you’re not yet on the platform, you can sign up today!

Let’s start with the gifts first because they are usually one of the highest priorities, but you’ll see below the ways you can utilise our platform to organise everything else!

How to organise Christmas gifts

Gifting can be a stressful process, there are so many elements to consider, and even if you nail 90% of this process, you might buy someone the wrong size or colour. There are excruciating moments when you can see someone looking for positive words about a gift you’ve given them.

Say goodbye to the fear, the awkwardness, and the doubt with Perfect Gifting. The platform has two features that will make this process 1000x easier. The Wishlist and Preferences.

The Wishlist

The Wishlist is where you or anyone in your network can create a curated list of gifts. Not a general idea, the exact gifts that you want. You can have multiple gifts in the list, and multiple lists for every occasion, not just Christmas. The Wishlist will also be helpful for all your other Christmas tasks.

The Wishlist provides the surety that you’ll be buying or receiving the gift that is desired. No play acting when they open the present, no regifting, no exchanging, just perfect.

Ensure that your Christmas Wishlist is built up, you’ve got less than a month to do it! You can also change the permissions of your Wishlist so only certain connections can have access to it.

Perfect Gifting Christmas Wishlist


The preferences section ensures that our users can inspire grand gifting. The preference section allows you to detail what you do and don’t like from various topics while also providing the correct information regarding shoe size, colours or brands that one prefers and more! Using the Preference section, you can create a surprise gifting experience from a treasure trove of information that this person has freely given away to you (as their connection).

Perfect Gifting Gift Preferences

How to organise Christmas lunch

Christmas lunch is a busy affair. Who is doing the protein? Who is making the salads? The dessert? There are many logistical issues to manage, and if you’re curating a great meal this Christmas, the Wishlist feature is a godsend. You’re able to create your own to-do list for the shopping that’s required. It won’t be a stressful affair trying to shop at the last minute, it’ll be all organised in your list, and then you can go by a supermarket a week out in preparation.

You can also give people access to the Wishlist so others can “reserve” what they will bring for Christmas lunch. It is a great way to ensure nothing is missed.

The preferences section can also be illuminating with your guests as far as dietary requirements are concerned, or you can make someone feel extra special by ensuring that a particular drink is on hand in the esky.

Image of people eating Christmas lunch

How to organise the hosting of Christmas

A meal is easy when it comes to hosting a Christmas event at your own home or even for a work event. There are countless moving parts, and you may feel like you need to hire a project manager to make everything work smoothly. Fret no longer about this. Perfect Gifting as a platform will help here too!

The platform can help inform events like Secret Santa, and people can have their designated Secret Santa Wishlist, but there can be a private Wishlist for the Christmas event and the attendees, whereby you can include things like particular white wines, a big esky, towels or inflatables for the pool, maybe some extra silverware or crockery to ensure all the meals can be properly enjoyed.

People will have a knack for only remembering the thing they needed to bring after they arrive. The communal Christmas Wishlist ensures everything is set out and prepped before Christmas Day!

People giving gifts for Christmas

Final Thoughts

Christmas is less than a month away, and we’re excited. We can’t wait to share in the revelry that comes with it. To be surrounded by those that we love and to recognise and appreciate all that they bring to our lives. At Perfect Gifting, we wish you a merry Christmas and hope your tree will have nothing but perfect on and under it!

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