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How to give good gifts this Christmas, with Perfect Gifting

By Lauren Christian - Nov 8th, 2022
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As we begin to finalise our Christmas shopping list, many of us may be left wondering how exactly we will find the perfect gifts for our family and friends. Finding a gift that feels personal, thoughtful and relevant can seem almost impossible at times. After all, who are we as individuals? What do we know about the people we’re buying gifts for?

Imagine if there was a solution that told you exactly what someone wanted for Christmas or detailed all of their favourite things to help inspire you to find a meaningful yet surprising gift.

There is. It’s called Perfect Gifting! Sign up today!

Sign up or login into Perfect Gifting
Sign up or login into Perfect Gifting

Today we’ll detail the three steps you need to follow to give good gifts this Christmas, and how our app can help at every stage.


Are you prepared?

A good gift sadly does not just appear in front of us. We may walk past something in the shop window and see something we’d love, but we do not have multiple lucky scenarios for others. This will not be a winning strategy when it comes to Christmas gifting.

This means that we need to be prepared for the gifting process. This isn’t something to be done at the last moment, you don’t find great gifts the night before Christmas, and if you are hit with inspiration, the item is often sold out. So, what are you going to do to be more prepared as Christmas rapidly approaches?

Key Dates

Perfect Gifting will help solve your organisation issue. The Key Dates feature ensures you have all your gift-giving events in one place. It will also offer notifications or reminders that keep the event at the top of your mind. We are often lucky with Christmas that most shops will have their Christmas themes up and running from the beginning of November, the sentiment and reminder is there, but it very easily becomes visual white noise as we walk around the city.

The Key Dates feature breaks through the noise and sends these reminders directly to your phone. We all already use push notifications for our social medias, so we wanted to use these to ensure that you’re a Perfect Gifter! An organised calendar helps, you get your time back, and say goodbye to stress.

This preparation will ensure that you give yourself time to research the right gift for those that you will be buying gifts for this Christmas season (or people that have birthdays close to Christmas). The time to investigate helps to find the right gift but also fights against any hurdles that may pop up, like delays in shipping or lack of stock.

My Key Dates on the Perfect Gifting app
My Key Dates on the Perfect Gifting app


Acquire keyboard

The Acquisition of gifts is essential. As thoughtful as the idea of a gift is, it makes a difference when you have the present under the tree on Christmas Day.

So how do you go about getting the amazing presents? We have a couple of solutions that will ensure that you either make a couple of clicks for the right gifts or be inspired by your network’s inner mind.


We know that many of our gifters are old school. They don’t feel comfortable just asking exactly what people want for Christmas, or birthdays or other events. They want to create a surprise gifting experience. We see you, and we love your desire for great moments. The pitfall with this method is that gifters are often uninformed. They need the inside scoop, the finer details about sizing, about colour, about interests and niche hobbies.

The Preferences feature is here to solve that problem once and for all. This section (once connected with a connection on the Perfect Gifting platform) will showcase their preferences.

This allows a gifter to shop with full confidence that they are buying a gift they know this person will love.

They won’t have to worry about exchanges for size or for colour.
They won’t need to include a gift receipt.  
They won’t be hearing a disingenuous reaction after they give their gift.

They will be resting easy.
They will be confident in their gift.
They will be excited to share the moment of the gift giving process.

Gift Preferences on the Perfect Gifting app
Gift Preferences on the Perfect Gifting app


Can you imagine getting your Christmas shopping done in the space of an hour, all without having left your bed? It sounds far-fetched. It sounds wild. Surely you’ve gotta wander around a shopping centre, and find all the right items?


The Perfect Gifting Wishlist is here to revolutionise the gifting process, with 100% accuracy.

Every 👏. Single 👏. Time 👏.

The Wishlist is a curated list of gifts that you or any other perfect gifter can create on their profile and share with their network. The Wishlist can include a variety of gifts, but our secret sauce in this process is the hyperlinking feature. You can include an item on your Wishlist, the link will populate all the fields required. Once you’ve created a detailed and wide ranging Wishlist, your network will thank you. They can head onto your specific Christmas Wishlist and select the exact gift you want. They can head to the website, buy it, and they’re done.

Additionally you can reserve an item, once reserved the Wishlist will grey out that particular item so people won’t be doubling up on gifts for you!

My Wishlists in the Perfect Gifting app
My Wishlists in the Perfect Gifting app


Two girls opening a Christmas present

The gift can be secured, and it could be midway through November, you feel confident and at ease. You’re not quite finished yet though. You’ve still got a few tasks that you need to tick off when it comes to gifting.

The Card

You’re going to want to identify whose present is whose. For some, they can just use a small sticker that details the gifter and the giftee. Others may want to put in a little more effort and write a meaningful message, rife with Christmas cheer!


Another element that many people forget about, or leave to the literal last minute. Some people even wake up early on Christmas morning to finalise their wrapping, often with whatever they can find around the house. Newspapers are often a favourite with this crowd.

Be sure to have your wrapping paper preselected and ready with all the right tools (scissors, tape, and Perfect Giftings Guide to Gift Wrapping).

Final Thoughts

We want everyone to have a wonderful Christmas, and we’re hopeful that the new Perfect Gifting app will do just that.

We’re on a mission to create deeper connections through gifting. From the team, we wish you good luck with finding the best gifts this Christmas!

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