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Three tips to get what you want this Valentine's Day!

By Lauren Christian - Jan 9th, 2023
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In just over a month, our dear friend Cupid will be gracing us with his presence, there will be love arrows shot around the world. Couples will be looking to treat each other to lovely experiences, fancy restaurants will be booked out, florists will be driving the prices of roses up ever so slightly, and expensive chocolate will be hard to find.

Valentine’s Day is approaching!

Here at Perfect Gifting, we love love. We love expressing love, sharing the love, and ensuring that those we love are honoured and cared for. We recognise just how important Valentine’s Day is for so many within our network. We’ve decided to write up an article to help you receive a Valentine’s Day treat. For many, the idea of being treated and spoiled doesn’t come naturally. This holiday is a great opportunity to be pampered by your partner and become accustomed to that treatment.

To ensure that you make it as simple as possible for your partner, and to make the experience on the day as seamless and easy as possible, we’ve written down some tips for you.

Valentine's Day roses
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Drop some helpful hints...

First things first, we always want to make life for our partners easier. Following the age-old adage, “happy wife equals happy life”, although we try to be a bit more inclusive and progressive, so we prefer, “happy date, happy soulmate”. To make life for them as simple as possible. Give your partner all the information they need to set them up for Valentine's success. They’ll be able to make all the right decisions when it comes to jewellery, clothes, or treats.

Top tip: Jump into Perfect Gifting and get your gift Wishlists updated so that your Valentine can surprise you with the perfect gift.

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Make sure your partner is organised!

One mistake we see all the rookie partners make, year in and year out, for Valentine’s Day is a sheer lack of preparation. They’ve got the perfect idea for a date and the most wonderful and thoughtful present. Sadly, the ideal restaurant is booked out, their present has a two-day shipping delay, and they’ve accidentally booked a weekend trip with their friends on February 12th. Whoops.

Top tip: Add Valentine’s Day as a Key Date on Perfect Gifting so your significant other can see the upcoming date as a subtle reminder.

Valentine's Day reminder in month planner
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Show gratitude and appreciation

Set you and your Valentine up for success in future years. The acceptance of the gift or your Valentine’s experience is important to provide feedback and guidance. We know that this is often a holiday where people are expected to go to the extreme or have to pull out all the stops. Pressure is everywhere, comparison between friends is rife, so we recommend you practice gratitude.

You can look at the grand gestures, but don’t focus too much on that. Look at how they’ve stopped their world for a day to make you the centre of their love, affection and care. Love can be seen in the smallest acts of service, the perfect gift, the extra words said, or maybe just the extra power behind the simply perfect phrase, “I love you”.

Top tip: Make sure you appreciate the effort that's gone into making your Valentine's Day special.

Gratitude for your valentine
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Final Thoughts

There’s nothing better than receiving a thoughtful, meaningful and unique gift. When your significant other gives a gift that shows they really understand you. With a few simple steps in Perfect Gifting, you can help set your partner up for gifting success!

So, what do you want this Valentine's Day?

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