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Gift Ideas for the 5 Love Languages

By Lauren Christian - Feb 5th, 2023
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The understanding of one’s love language is the gateway to finding a gift that truly resonates with someone. Not only are they happy with having received a gift, but the thoughtfulness and understanding that accompanies the gift, take it to an entirely new level. When looking to understand someone close to you, you need to be aware of the 5 love languages, they are:

  • Physical Touch
  • Gift Giving
  • Acts of Service
  • Quality Time
  • Words of Affirmation

Having a deep understanding of which love language someone prefers often guides you to the right gift, much like our preference system in Perfect Gifting. An expensive or effortful gift can sometimes not hit the mark because there has been a failure to understand how one expresses and receives love. For someone who values quality time, purchasing them an expensive silent meditation retreat for them won’t really reflect how they wish to communicate their love.

It is a painful experience to take the time, effort, and preparation in securing a really nice gift, only to have it not match a person’s love language. We want to ensure that you don’t go through this experience. Below you’ll find gift ideas and directions to ensure that you’re keeping in line with certain love languages. If you’re interested in learning more about love languages, you can find information here.

Physical Touch

Photo by Jackson David on Unsplash

Contact. The idea that we express our love physically is a well-known love language. This particular love language often appears in people who are closer and more physical in their communication, the kind of people who hug to say hello. They find intimacy and connection through this medium.

When we think about how this can guide our gifting, consider affection to be the driving force. How can you physically express affection to those in your life? When that’s a partner that is a little easier and could even just mean you’re making an effort to hold their hand, keep close to them and ensure they’re feeling loved through touch.

For other people in our lives, we can ensure that we pay attention to their needs. Does your friend need to be greeted with a longer hug than usual, does your child get to sit on your lap or a supportive pat on the back? Expressing this love language can be very difficult for people, but if it is done correctly, it can impact someone in a truly remarkable way.

You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours.

Gift Giving

Photo by Sebastián León Prado on Unsplash

The receiving of gifts isn’t based on commercialism or based on being superficial. This love language is about a physical representation that they are being thought of. They want to know that they are being listened to and cared for. This offers a great opportunity for those wanting to make someone feel appreciated. The gift doesn’t need to have a certain dollar value, but there needs to have been thought behind it. The saying ‘it’s the thought that counts’ is extremely important to those whose love language is gift-giving/receiving.

For a partner, this means finding ways to surprise them with thoughtfulness. This could mean finding a flower for them, creating a new playlist for their morning commute, or even just surprising them for lunch while they’re at work. The thought will always shine through, even if they aren’t diamond earrings. An excellent example of this is Michael Scott’s gift to Phyllis (see below), red chattering teeth. These wouldn’t be worth more than a couple of dollars but he reminds her that he has an understanding and deep appreciation for her. He believes she has great ideas and that she should speak her mind more often. Very rarely would it be advised to be more like Michael Scott, but when it comes to understanding the essence of gift-giving, he knocked that one out of the park.

For friends and family, or people you would conider in your inner circle, the same goes. The driving idea behind the gift is what makes the impact, not necessarily the physical object. It could be getting them lunch or a coffee because you thought of them. It could be seeing something small that’s related to their interests or hobbies and getting it for them. “I thought of you when I saw this” is a very simple way to ensure a gift receiving individual is made to feel special.

Acts of Service

Photo by Perfect Snacks on Unsplash

Acts of Service can make such an impact on the person receiving them. Often even the smallest acts of service will be appreciated. Making the day of someone who you care about that little bit easier is always welcomed. This doesn’t have to just be reduced to chores, there is far more than can be in the service of someone that we care about. Taking a little element of their day that usually is a little troublesome and removing it will be so well received.

For a partner, this can mean giving them space from their responsibilities to enjoy something like Netflix or one of their hobbies. It could mean getting a few odd jobs done around the house to free up their weekend a little more. A successful act of service is one that isn’t even asked for. Taking the initiative to help make one’s life easier can build up one’s mood immensely. The dog has been walked, the garage is clean, the kids are already in bed, and so much more. Maybe it’s something as simple as noticing their fuel was a little low, or re-parking their car so they don’t have to back out in the morning. Little details to make their life easier.

For friends and family, this is often tied to their passions and loves. If they must miss an amazing game because of work, record the game for them and keep the group chat as quiet as possible about the result. Maybe it’s bringing an extra water bottle to weekend sport in case it’s needed. It could be cooking their favourite meal or helping with their homework so they can play a little more video games.  

Quality Time

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

Quality time is often a little strange to some people, that one doesn’t need fancy gifting, or acts of kindness and affection, only presence. Being in the same room as someone can be enough for someone and revitalises them.

There have been some world events that may have made it very difficult for people to be able to communicate this love language. Isolation and separation have impacted some people quite harshly. Helping people who deeply appreciate quality time revolves around one idea. Be with them. Not just next to them but make an effort to ensure that you’re focused and caring for them at the moment. For a partner, this may mean having a picnic with no phones or finishing work early to have a couple’s walk in the afternoon. Recognising the importance of presence is impactful, they will feel far more loved and seen.

For friends and family, try to create events and moments without distractions. Play board games, take road trips, and be as mindful as possible. It is very easy to be distracted by our phones and to just be next to each other. Notifications and social media will always try to draw you away, but quality time means just that, quality.

Words of Affirmation

Photo by René Ranisch on Unsplash

Words can often breach our minds and lift our moods. Despite the saying about sticks and stones, there is an awful amount of power behind our words. For those who rally behind that power of positive words, intentional use of this discourse can make their entire year.

Words of Affirmation can come in a variety of forms, as language often takes shapes in many different ways. The core value is that these words are affirming someone, they are supportive and giving. These words will lift people up, and sometimes silence can be hard.

For those close to you, especially partners, there are a few methods to really take this love language and excite them. Small notes in random places can offer such a wholesome surprise, whether that be in someone’s lunch or on the kitchen table. A call, just to offer support and thanks does lift their day, they are made to feel special. A more intimate and special one can be adding more to your goodnight before you go to sleep, ensuring that your partner knows just how much they are appreciated.

For children, engaging and supporting their thoughts and ideas is vital for their development. Positive reinforcement of their hobbies and interests can build such confidence. When it comes to your personal network, a call or conversation where you remind them of your gratitude towards them can be so powerful, it can turn a bad day into a great one. Words hold power, use that power to lift people up.

Final thoughts

The love languages are powerful and an awareness of them makes a palpable difference. Your first step should be identifying which love languages those around you prefer. See which areas they draw from. They can have more than one, and that’s important to recognise too, if you can combine a gift or action with their two love languages, it’ll knock their socks off. We love to be understood.

We want to create a world of ‘Perfect Gifters’, and we know that the love languages are an important first step in that process. If you’re interested in becoming a Perfect Gifter, join here.

P.S. if you want to learn even more about your partner and the types of gifts they might like, check out our Zodiac Gift Guide!

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