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The BEST Christmas gifts for the kids in your life

By Lauren Christian - Nov 29th, 2022
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Once again, the holiday season is upon us. As we eagerly await the glee of Christmas carols, twinkling lights, and festive feasts, we also commence shopping for thoughtful gifts to give to family members and friends. We know that shopping for children can be painful, so we’ve curated a list of the best gifts you can buy for the children in your life this Christmas.

Whether you’re a parent looking for ideas on what to give your child this Christmas or just an acquaintance who wants to make an impression with a small token of appreciation, there are many things you can buy for kids this year as presents. If you’re looking for an easier way to manage this process, then sign up to the Perfect Gifting app today!

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But First... Create a Sub Profile

At Perfect Gifting, we understand the stress of buying children gifts, and we have Sub-Profiles set up for this exact reason.

The Sub Profile is a feature whereby you can control a profile for someone who may not have the technical expertise, or the maturity to manage a profile for themselves. This is most often used for children. The Sub Profile features ensures that as a parent, you’re able to manage the child’s present request and Wishlist.

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There are always a host of ideas to choose from when it comes to children, but you don’t want to be too late to trends or seem too old school. We’ve compiled a list of general areas that you can look to for your next present for a child.

We’ve seen some incredible feedback on the Sub-Profile feature, with @caitlin.bailey highlighting her successes with the platform on her Instagram account. Caitlin has seen tremendous success with the Sub-Profile, as she’s ensured that everyone in her network knows what her little ones need!

Gift Suggestions this Christmas

Board Games

While electronic devices are always popular among kids, board games are timeless gifts that will be played for generations. Some classic games you can buy for the kids this Christmas include Busy Bee Squeeze, Scrabble Slam, and Balderdash. While board games are the “never ageing” gift, you can also try some latest ones, like Yahtzee: To Go, Family Feud Card Game, Trivial Pursuit: Disney Family Edition, and Apples to Apples.

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Electronic devices

Electronic devices have always been popular gifts among children. For younger children, you can purchase an electronic learning toy that they can play with and learn simultaneously, such as a toy that teaches numbers, letters, or words. Older kids can enjoy using their favourite digital devices, such as an iPad, iPod, or laptop, as long as their parents approve. If you’re buying for a child who is too young to use these devices, you can also get them a talking toy that’s activated with a button. Other electronic devices that are popular gifts among children include walkie-talkies, smartwatches, and drone toys.

Arts and Crafts

If you have a creative child in your life, you can buy them art and craft kits that let them explore their creative side. There are many craft kits available in the market, such as paper craft kits, fabric craft kits, and sticker craft kits. Depending on the child's age, you can buy a craft kit that suits their developmental stage.

Other art supplies, such as crayons and markers, paint sets, and easels, are also excellent gifts for children. If you’re buying these gifts for a more advanced child, you can also consider getting art supplies used for specialties, such as watercolours and oil paints, that are suitable for professional artists. For younger children, consider buying toys and books also used in art, such as play dough and crayons. These can be fun, creative gifts that kids can use to explore their imagination and inner artist.

Toys for motor skills and movement

If you’re buying gifts for a child who is at an age where they’re able to start playing with toys and are also learning to walk, many toys help with motor skills and movement. Toys that are good for motor skills include stacking toys, shape sorters, and wooden blocks. For babies, you can also buy soft and cuddly toys that encourage movement. These toys can also be used by infants as teethers for their growing teeth. Other toys for motor skills and movement include jump ropes and scooters. You can also buy other toys that encourage movements, such as a soccer ball, a basketball, or a football for a more active child.

Sports Equipment

If you know that a child you know has an interest in sports, you can buy them sports equipment that helps them to improve their skills and play their favourite sports. Depending on the sport, you can purchase different equipment that’s age-appropriate. For example, if you’re buying equipment for a child who loves basketball, you can purchase training shoes, basketballs, and a basketball net. If you’re buying sports equipment for a child who loves swimming, you can buy swim fins and goggles. You can also buy sports equipment that’s suitable for all sports, such as a football, a soccer ball, or a baseball glove. You can also buy sports equipment for a specific sport, such as golf clubs for kids, to encourage them to pursue their favourite sports.

Image of various sporting balls and equipment

Stuffed Animals

One gift option that you can never go wrong with is a stuffed animal. Children of all ages love stuffed animals, and you can buy them that have special meanings to them. You can also get stuffed animals that are unique gifts for birthdays, graduations, and other celebrations. You can also get themed stuffed animals if you know the child you’re buying for loves a particular character.

For example, you can buy a stuffed Pikachu if you’re buying for a Pokémon fan. You can also get themed stuffed animals that represent something. For example, you can buy a stuffed penguin animal if you’re giving it to a child who’s studying for their exams, a pig if you’re giving it to a child who loves to cook, or a dog toy if you’re giving it to a child who loves animals.

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If you’re not sure what to get a child for a present, you can also consider getting them a gift voucher. Gift vouchers are not only suitable for children but can also be given to adults and be used for any occasion. Depending on the child's age, you can get them a toy or game gift voucher, a food and beverage gift voucher, or a gift voucher for a toy store or a video game store.

You can also get gift vouchers that can be used for a specific service, such as gift certificates for salon services, a trip to the aquarium, or a visit to a nearby museum. You can also get gift vouchers that can be used online, such as e-gift cards so that the child can choose their own gift.

Final Thoughts

The holiday season is a time for giving, and you can make the season extra special for the children in your life by buying them thoughtful gifts. There’s a gift for every child out there, so there’s no need to worry too much. The important thing is to remember to shop early since many stores will be selling out due to the high demand during this season. Once you’ve found the perfect gift for the children in your life, make sure you wrap it up nicely so that it’s an extra special present for them. And don’t forget to remember the real reason for the season!

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