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The best sports-related gifts during finals fever!

By Lauren Christian - Sep 10th, 2022
Blog Feature Image - The best sports-related gifts during finals fever!

September has kicked off, and that means across the winter codes in Australia, the finals have begun. The two codes ramping up their finals coverage are NRL and AFL (in Australia), as the A-League and Super Rugby finalized their seasons in June.

September plays host to the finals series, but the NRL grand final or ‘big dance’ will be on the 2nd of October. There is plenty of sports to watch, and still, plenty of teams in contention to walk home with all the chocolates. Whether it’s your dad, your brother, your sweet grandmother or even your young niece, sport finds a way of connecting people.

Fans cheering at a baseball game
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A fantastic way to share in that connection is to gift concerning the sport. People become passionate, obsessed with their teams, the players and the theatre that comes with the finals unfolding. If you know someone who will be cancelling plans for finals night, then you’ve got someone easy to gift for.

At Perfect Gifting, we want to help you create richer and more meaningful connections through gifting. The gifting we want to create is the sort that takes your breath away, like a kick after the siren. We have multiple features of our platform that help you buy a gift that does just that.

Rugby union player goal kicking
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We want to help you find the best gifts possible for a fanatic of footy, football, rugby or whatever they choose to call their code. We’re going to split the gifts up into two particular features that Perfect Gifting offer to best ensure that you’re nailing your gift.

Wishlists for Perfect Gifting

First things first, a Wishlist is a platform feature where our users can create and curate a list of all their desired items. This is built for specificity, built for the niche, built for the passionate few. For a diehard sports fan their love for a particular item, or a particular piece of history of a club will defy logic.

The frenzy of catching a homerun ball in America is a great example of this, normally reserved for children, it’s not uncommon to see grown men jostling to grab the ball heading toward the stands.

The Wishlist feature could have any of the following sport-related gifts to help you as a gifter spoil those in your network who are diagnosed with finals fever!


History means a lot to sports fans. Whether they’re a club that hasn’t won a flag in decades or they’re defending premiers. Having a piece of that history is almost sacred. Often particular pieces of the game are kept aside for memorabilia purposes. Being able to secure this for a fan will blow their mind. These items are often sold by major networks in conjunction with the series being played out, especially in the lead up to the grand final.

The Wishlist allows someone to highlight a particular piece of memorabilia they’d love. Through direct linking, you can find, purchase and ship it to them in a matter of seconds.

Six sports cards
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Latest jersey & kit

To showcase their support, fans often want to be wearing the latest jersey, hats, scarves, hoodies, and more. Team shops often sell out when they bring out the latest season’s merch, and for a good reason, people want to show their club support. It’s a sense of belonging and togetherness.

Securing the latest gear will put you in the good books for quite some time, just be prepared that this individual whom you buy the gift for may not take it off for quite a while. With the preferences section of Perfect Gifting you will also know the size of jersey you need to buy!

Arsenal home jersey
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Preferences with Perfect Gifting

The preference section allows you to divulge all the information you can about your gifting interests, as well as all the nitty gritty details that people need when it comes to a gift. This means the preferences section contains information about sizing, colour preferences, hobbies, food taste and more!


A bit of a no-brainer here, but this is one of those presents that could change someone’s life. To have been witness to a grand final where their team won! This is more of an expensive option as tickets to these sorts of events will generally cost upwards of $250.

A great workaround for this particular situation is to create a finals event for this person, maybe book out a particular venue, or ensure that their experience of watching the game is as lovely as possible. Decorate the house, and their car, ensure they’re not disturbed, their favourite food is ordered, and their ideal drink is in the fridge!

Tickets to the Space Needle
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Once again, this is something super simple for you to get. Their team may not have made it to the finals, maybe they’re just getting into supporting a team. A way to help support them is to pay for their membership, not only will they feel closer to the team, but they will also get some merch to show off their new connection to the club. Whether it be a new backpack or bumper sticker that shows the membership for the coming year.

Membership roll book
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Final Thoughts

The finals are an exciting part of the year, culminating in a lot of work, games of support and cheering. For many fans, it’s a disappointing part of the year as most teams aren’t in contention for the trophy.

So, for those few that are competing it’s incredibly exhilarating. Share in that joy with those close to you. Deepen your relationship with someone close to you with a sport-related gift they’ll love. We want to help you at Perfect Gifting to get those gifts!

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