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The best way to organise a gift exchange this Christmas

By Lauren Christian - Nov 14th, 2022
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Christmas is rapidly hurtling toward us faster than Santa flies his sleigh. For many this year, they will be meeting up with much larger groups. A sure-fire solution to this increase in individuals attending Christmas-related events is gift exchanges rather than just letting everyone organise gifts if they want to.

This blog will outline how to organise a gift exchange this Christmas, and it can be for any group. There is no single group for these events, it can be for your family on Christmas Day, your workplace Christmas event or gifting with your friends in the leadup to Christmas. We understand everyone has busy schedules, so using our platform, we wanted to help people organise a Christmas miracle.

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A gift exchange!

The world has become a more accessible place to navigate when it comes to travel.

Many families will be coming together in much larger groups this year. Preparation will be crucial, and now is the time to be communicating to all of those in your family what the expectations are for Christmas, especially regarding gifting.

Not only will families be getting in on the action in the lead-up to Christmas, but workplaces and offices will be able to share the Christmas joy in a non-virtual setting. The silly season has begun, and many work Christmas parties are going ahead throughout November and early December. To make these events more special, we have seen the incredible impact that a gift exchange can have, whether it be something small from the company to everyone or a Secret Santa for the employees.

Don’t forget your friends! As this time of year is awash with events, days and nights out, we recommend finding a day in December when you can meet up with close friends to give presents.

Make it easy!

First things first, you need to make sure that the people you’re planning on buying for are on the Perfect Gifting platform. This will make the entire process far more straightforward. If you know they need to sign up to the platform, send them this link.

Gift Exchanges with Family

Family exchanging gifts for Christmas
Gift exchanging with your family

Family gift exchanges are usually the most simple, but given that more prominent groups are assembling this year, you may want to get organising. Communication in the family WhatsApp is important. You’ll need to avoid a day where gossip is filling the chat. Outline what is happening for Christmas, where it’s occurring, and how the gifting will work.

Ensuring everyone is on the Perfect Gifting platform may be challenging, but many of the more minor elements of the gifting exchange will be organised already. It’ll likely occur on Christmas Day, the attendees are already confirmed, and there need not be a budget set in place. Gifting for the family is tricky because, for many, this is the one time of the year you see them.

Perfect Gifting helps here through our Preferences section. This is where your entire family can comb through your hobbies, interests, and more to try and find a gift you’ll genuinely enjoy. No more sleep shirts or gifts that are kept out of politeness.

Gift Preferences on the Perfect Gifting app
Gift Preferences on the Perfect Gifting app

Gift Exchanges with Work

Work Christmas party
Work Christmas party

You spend quite a lot of time with your work family, and this relationship should be honoured. We recommend that your designated organiser or HR department gets onto this as quickly as possible.

Your next company-wide (or department) meeting should outline the time and place of your work Christmas gift exchange. You can feed two birds with one stone and do it during the Christmas party.

We suggest getting your staff onto the Perfect Gifting platform, where everyone will be able to create Wishlists that will help staff that may have someone who they’ve rarely interacted with in the team.

A Wishlist can ensure that you’re under the designated budget and will avoid the half-hearted or low thought gifts that can sometimes occur during a work gift exchange. The Wishlist can also be set from a visibility perspective, you can ensure that only certain people see it (your co-workers) so your family doesn’t get you a low-budget gift that you’ve set aside for the work gift exchange.

Create a new wishlist
Creating a new wishlist on the Perfect Gifting app

Gift Exchanges with Friends

Four friends celebrating Christmas
Christmas party with friends

Friends will be hard to lock down during this time. You’ll need to organise it early. The Key Date feature of our platform will come in handy here. If you set down a date when you and your friends will be exchanging gifts, then you’ll all receive notifications. You won’t be caught unorganised, you’ll have sorted out all the gifts you needed to buy far in the month. The people you have this event with are your friends, so feel free to play with the theme or the objective for the gifts too.

My key dates on the Perfect Gifting app
My key dates on the Perfect Gifting app

Final Thoughts

A gift exchange is a brilliant way to spice up a gifting event like Christmas, if you’re after a specific outline for a Secret Santa, we’ve written up a guide to that here.

We hope you have an incredible Christmas and that your gift exchange brings the joy and cheer that accompanies this season. Be prepared for the next few weeks to fly by, and keep your eyes peeled for more Christmas content to help create even more perfect gifting experiences.

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