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The invaluable benefits of Perfect Gifting

By Lauren Christian - Sep 18th, 2022
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Perfect Gifting is a platform born from a desire to connect deeper with one’s network. That was why the platform was brought into existence by the founder, Lauren Christian. There are countless benefits that this platform offers, and this blog is here to demonstrate these benefits.

Understanding the pain points that many people experience with gifting is essential, and Perfect Gifting has researched gifting trends and perceptions around gifting. This research not only helped affirm the need for the app but also helped the company work on features that people would genuinely want and use.

The platform of Perfect Gifting helps you become a Perfect Gifter, an organized, well-researched and consistent gifter. A gifter who nails the present every time. If you want to level up your gifting game, sign up to Perfect Gifting today.

Gifting is a difficult process, and our mission at Perfect Gifting is to make that process more accessible. Gifting shouldn’t be something that raises our stress levels, rather it should be a cause for celebration, we want to recognise and acknowledge those we care about.

Whether it be Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries or any other celebration, Perfect Gifting is here to help you stay on track with timing, ensure you have the best gift possible, and to enjoy the moment of gifting with those closest to you.

Perfect Gifting helps improve your organisation

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In a rushed, stressful world with packed calendars and constantly pinging smartphones, it is difficult to dedicate time to gifting. There are many elements to our lives that are competing for our attention. Despite gifting being an essential part of our social lives, it is often very easy to push it down the list of priorities.

At Perfect Gifting, we’re here to provide a platform that helps you with your life organisation and the gifting process to ensure that you’re always on top.

Avoid last-minute gifting & save time

With Perfect Gifting’s features, you’re better able to organise your time concerning gifting and completely cut out last-minute gifting from your life. This year you will have all your Christmas gifts accounted for before the 15th of December. They’ll be wrapped under your tree or shipped and under your giftee’s tree.

One of the key features that ensures this is Key Dates. This allows you to enter in all your important dates, and so as to keep you informed, we’ll email you a reminder when these dates are up and coming.

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Have an informed gift, a perfect gift

The right gift makes an impact. A well-thought-out and meaningful gift can take someone’s breath away, it can make their entire year. At Perfect Gifting we have created a few different features on the platform that help you to find and buy a gift that will do just that.

Our Wishlist feature allows you or anyone on the platform to create a list of ideal gifts that you’d want, like your personal letter to Santa. You can create multiple Wishlists, make them public or private depending on who on your network you want to see the items. This ensures that people get exactly what they want, no longer are you just guessing and hoping that you’re on the right track.

This is especially useful for those people in our lives who are next to impossible to buy for!

Knowing the details, understanding their preferences

Our Preferences section also helps considerably. If you’ve nailed a gift before, but found it to be the wrong size then you know how frustrating a lack of all the details can be. Our Preferences section not only takes care of the nitty and gritty for sizing but it also offers an opportunity for people to share their hobbies and interests which can help create a unique or more though based gift.

Sub-profiles for family

The Sub-profile allows you to manage a profile for someone else who may not have the facilities to manage a computer (like your pet) or who may need to have supervision on their account (your children). This allows the entire family unit to be taken care of on the platform, it also makes life so much easier for those in your extended family or network, as they’re best able to understand the finer details for gifting.

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Perfect Gifting helps your gifting experience

The gifting experience should be fun! At the very least, a gifting moment should be one of celebration, you want to give this person a gift after all. With Perfect Gifting we want to help people find that joy again.

The joy of gifting

Our research found that over 66% of people are gifting to bring happiness to those they’re gifting for, but a considerable amount of these same people found that gifting as a process was stressful. Through our features, through our informative blog and through our socials, we want to give ideas, help plan and empower you to be the best gifter possible. Our platform does just that.

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No exchanges and less landfill

Through our features we’re also happy to report we can make a sustainable impact on your life! Through the use of our platform, both with the specificity of the Wishlist and then the finer logistical details from the Preferences section, you’ll be able to get the right gift every single time. This means that there aren’t any Boxing Day trips for an exchange, or even throwing away the gift that you had to politely hold onto to not seem ungrateful.

We want gifting to be done right, we want the best presents shared with those that we love, and that’s the true benefit of the platform of Perfect Gifting.

Final Thoughts

We’ve had countless gifting moments shared with us, and we hope you can be part of that too! Follow us on our Instagram or Facebook to see some of these incredible moments. We know that gifting can be difficult, but with our platform you’ll be seeing these benefits everytime a gift-giving event rolls by. We can’t wait to help you build deeper connections with those that you hold dear.

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