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Now Available: The Perfect Gifting Mobile App!

By Lauren Christian - Oct 4th, 2022
Blog Feature Image - Now Available: The Perfect Gifting Mobile App!

We know our users have been waiting with bated breath for this. The Perfect Gifting App is now available in the Apple and Google Play store!

We know many love our desktop experience, but we wanted to improve our mobile experience. Previously our users would need to pin a browser shortcut to their phone’s home screen, our app is here to improve this!

You can now download the Perfect Gifting App on the Apple Store and Google Play Store. The Perfect Gifting application is here to accelerate your gifting experience and take you to the next level. You’ll be better able to stay up to date with your key dates, you can make Wishlists on the fly, and regularly update your preferences.

First things first...

You need to download the application on your mobile.

If you have yet to sign up to the platform, you can signup in the application for free.

If you're already a Perfect Gifting user just enter your existing log in details to sign into your account.

You’ll now be welcomed to the dashboard with our 5 main menu elements:


The Dashboard is here to help you instantly understand your gifting priorities at a glance, it primarily shows the upcoming Key Dates for your family and friends. This will help you get organised and stay on top of your gifting tasks.

The Dashboard also highlights the profile being used in the top left corner, meaning you’re able to easily switch between profiles. This is fantastic for those with Sub Profiles (for children and pets).

Use the handy Dashboard tasks to quickly update your Gift Wishlists, Gift Preferences, and Connect with family and friends.

Key Dates

The Key Dates is one of our best organisational features, helping our users keep track of all the important dates and events. Whether it’s all the birthdays in your life, major gift giving events and holidays, anniversaries and more, you’ll be able to enter them in as a key date. This can also be used for one off events like a graduation or a housewarming.

Make your Key Dates public or private. If you make them "private" they will be a private reminder for your eyes only. Make them "public" so your family and friends can see the date and celebrate the event with you (and hopefully get you a perfect gift)!

Never miss any key dates on Perfect Gifting
Never miss any key dates

Gifts to Give

For our Perfect Gifters, we want to make sure you’re easily able to see what you need to do from a gifting perspective. If you have a few events on the horizon and you’ve got gifts to buy, this will be your port of call. The view is split in two, To Buy and Bought. You’ll have an easy to manage to do list of gifts to buy, and it’ll be easy to follow while at a shopping centre or during an online shopping session.

Secretley reserve gifts from your loved ones Gift Wishlists and then easily manage the gift shopping process.

Reserve gifts and create shopping lists on Perfect Gifting
Reserve gifts and create shopping lists

Gifts for Me

This section is all about you! The Gifts for me is how you make your life and the life of your network far easier. You’re providing a perfect and transparent view for what you’re after from a gifting perspective.

The Gifts for Me section has two of our most used features: Wishlists and Preferences.

My Wishlists

The Wishlist section is where you create your specific Wishlists, sounds obvious but it's where you can do some amazing things. The Wishlists can be for one off events, they can be used for shopping lists, or even just a stockpile list of things you’d love to have.

The Wishlist helps you and your network so incredibly well, as everyone is able to see exactly what you’re after from a gift perspective. The items can be hyperlinked to ensure that you’re buying the item from the best quality seller, or maybe from the cheapest source. This is brilliant for people with niche interests, or just the people in your life that are impossible to buy for, this is a digital way to read their gifting mind. Within the app, this My Wishlist area helps you see all your Wishlists at a glance, and easily add to or create more.

Think about the Gift Wishist like a gift registry, except there are no limitations on the shops, events, or types of gifts you put on your list. Your imagination and wishes are the only limit!

Gift Preferences

The Preferences system is another proud creation of Perfect Gifting. It acts as a depository for all your gifting related information. It can take care of less fun but vital information like shoe and shirt size, style or fit sizes when it comes to suits, jeans and more. The section can also help for wider information about your particular gifting information.

With the categories of Colour, Lifestyle, Clothes & Accessories, Entertainment & Leisure, Food & Drink, and I don’t want these, this is your one stop shop for research. Through an understanding of someone’s preferences you can create a gifting experience for someone other than getting them exactly what they want from a Wishlist. This is extremely popular with more old school style of gifting where people believe it should be a surprise. Instead of just going for one gift, you can use the information to get someone a hamper of things they love!

Create wishlists and share gift preferences on Perfect Gifting
Create wishlists and share gift preferences


The social element of the Perfect Gifting application can be found in the Connections menu. This is where you can see all of the network that you are connected to, and easily add those that you want to welcome in! You can manage your connection requests, search for people who are on the platform, and also go through the people that you’ve already connected to.

Connect with your friends and family on Perfect Gifting
Connect with your friends and family

Final Thoughts

The app is here and we can’t wait for our users to download it! We’re excited to create deeper connections with people through gifting. We want to be the conduit people use to share their appreciation, love and affection.

We will be sharing a full feature blog soon, and our social media will be a buzz with content. Our socials will offer bite size updates about new features and the true capability of this new app, stay tuned!

Sign up for your free Perfect Gifting account today!
Sign up for your free Perfect Gifting account today!
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